The love of the Consciousness that has created the All is the Light that makes nature a harmonious and sensitive organism in which everything develops and realizes itself in the Totality by which it has been generated.

Love acts through the syntropic force of Light that orders and animates all matter in the world

Cultivate Light means educate ourselves through the ordered frequencies of nature to fulfil ourselves in the harmony of a world in which everything is connected because it has the same origin.

The purity of the grapes is the essential condition that allows the order of nature to impress its forces in the character of the terroir.

In syntropic agriculture the fruits come from the harmony of nature, which contrasts from its infinite order the entropic forces operating in the finite world of matter. Wine retains the syntropy of nature when it is not obtained because there is nothing more to add, but because there is nothing to take away from the harmony of taste.

The terroir is the taste of all the forces acting in the production and processing of fruits, that is, the sky, the earth and man.
The disease is the symptom by which the harmony draws the energy that is necessary to overcome a moment of difficulty of the plant, and man must learn to know it in order to sustain the plant in its delicate balance.

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The S.A.T. (Spagyric Advanced Technology) Protocol, developed in the Life VisionLab laboratory of Zurich (CH), found in our wines the highest levels of vital energy, faithfully reflected in the fractal order of its crystallographic images.

In this reality the highest level of quality is proportional to the most intimate order of matter, which is responsible for all its visible and invisible properties.

The experience of a wine that preserves the purity of nature to unite the forces of heaven and earth in the harmony of taste.