A wine that enhances the purity of the grapes to preserve the order of light in the harmony of taste.

Absolute respect for nature, in the vineyard and in the cellar. No sulfur, copper, preparations or prayers. No machinery, no products, no chemical, organic and biodynamic treatments; only actions, thoughts and feelings that create a Coherence Domain between man and nature, like that between the cells of a healthy and vital body.

It’s a wine that enhances the pureness of the grapes impressing the order of Light in the harmony of taste.

A pure wine, which comes from ancient plants and feelings that caress the world.

After the harvest by hand and the soft pressing in the cellar, the long alchemic fermentation dissolves every substance of the grape bringing back to life the memory of the plant.

Passing through through every shade of taste the wine gets rid of the material “body” of the grapes; at the end of the alchemic fermentation it has the taste of pure dew because it only keeps the memory of all the forces that have realized it.

This process is necessary because it allows wine to come to a new life in the bottle, recovering its history and embedding it in the harmony of taste.

A surprising wine, where the terroir reflects the producer’s awareness in the harmony of taste.

This wine is produced through thoughts and acts that are as ancient as mankind itself and goes beyond grape variety, territory and technique just because it’s the best expression of grape variety, territory and technique.

Alchemic winemaking transmutes the materiality of the fruit into a new substance that becomes wine only after years of aging in bottle. A wine that preserves the forces that have produced the fruit and transforms them into a music of taste.

This wine follows the law of resonance that governs the harmony of the world, according to which no one can create on earth more than they are able to love with all their heart.

Awareness allows us to reach the highest level of quality without using products and systems that could alter the harmony of nature.