Wine is the liquid memory of the plant


Wine is the taste stored by the vine in its fruits
as a result of its relationship with the world
as well as nature reflects in its shining pureness
the harmony that has created the world


I transform my relationship with the vineyard
into a wine
whose flavor is not the flavor of grapes
that ferment and die because they are mortal
but the flavor of their memory
that ferments and lives because it’s eternal


An alchemic wine
because it hasn’t the flavor of the grapes but the flavor of their memory


An artistic wine
because the taster becomes author of the whole process


A unique wine
because it tells my story in each bottle


A universal wine
that enhances every dish and resonates at every tasting
because the bottles can be kept open for months


A wine that realizes my dream
of preserving eternity in the taste of the present moment
to develop our mind according to our origin